Manage Documents, Email & Notes by Matter

Store Anything
Store documents, video, audio and more

One-Click Open & Save
One click to open a doc, one click to save

Office Integration
Save Office docs directly to LexWorkplace

Email Management
Save emails to a matter right from Outlook

Powerful Search
Instant search across documents and email

Tagging & Profiling
Create and apply document tags & properties

Version Management
Effortless document version management

Automatic OCR
Scanned documents are OCR'd automatically

Security & Permissions
Manage user access and permissions

Data Encryption
Complete encryption in transit and at-rest

Two-Factor Authentication
Enable TFA for added data security

Geographic Redundancy
Multiple independent data centers

LexWorkplace is the spiritual successor to Uptime LegalWorks. While LexWorkplace will provide many of the same capabilities and serve many of the same purposes, LexWorkplace is a completely new product, developed by Uptime Legal from the ground-up. LexWorkplace will launch with new capabilities not present in LegalWorks, and will gain many more features over LegalWorks as the product evolves.

Our plan is to keep pricing the same or comparable to LegalWorks, but increase the amount of storage included in your LexWorkplace plan by default.

Probably. We plan to release an early-access version of LexWorkplace in Q4 of 2019 so that you can get your hands on it ASAP

Yes. We’ll migrate you from your current LegalWorks to the new LexWorkplace when you’re ready, at no additional cost.

Yes, we will continue to provide support for Uptime LegalWorks as we always have. We do encourage LegalWorks users to migrate to LegalWorks’ successor, LexWorkplace, which provides many new features and addresses commonly-requested changes to LegalWorks.

LexWorkplace will not be built on SharePoint. We’re building LexWorkplace from the ground up using modern cloud technologies like React, Javascript and AWS.

Planning is still early, but we do plan to develop a track and allow IT and software consultants to become LexWorkplace Certified Consultants (working title) some time in 2020. This will allow participating consultants to sell and move their clients to LexWorkplace.

We’re happy to talk more about LexWorkplace. Post your questions below, or drop us a line at [email protected].