Rocketbook – the Smart Notebook for Lawyers

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn The practical, cloud-connected notebook for lawyers. I recently started using the Rocketbook Everlast. Its pretty cool, and I definitely see it being useful for all business people, maybe especially lawyers. Full disclaimer: I’m a bit of a notebook geek. I’ve been a long-time fan of Moleskin notebooks, and even used the […]

Want Your Law Firm to Go Paperless? Learn How At Our Webinar

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Going paperless… For a lot of firms it’s a dream. “How can we build a streamlined system that reduces inefficiency, keeps our docuements secure in the event of disaster, organizes our data, and makes everything easily accessible?” Going paperless solves these challenges. You might be thinking, “We’ve talked about it at […]

Paperless Law Firm Checklist

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn How to Achieve a Paperless Law Firm A paperless law office isn’t a unicorn. Its achievable, and more importantly: it’s a good idea. Law firms large and small are mired by boxes of paper files that take up a lot of physical space and make finding what you’re looking for difficult […]

Paperless Law Firm Software

Apps and Tools You’ll need to Implement a Paperless Law Firm So you’ve decided to ditch the boxes and drawers of hard-copy documents and implement a paperless law firm. (Or at least: you’re seriously thinking about it.) Hats off! Just like any job: you’ll need the right tools. In previous articles we’ve talked about the […]