5 Ways Cloud Document Management Will Transform Your Law Firm

Cloud Document Management for Law Firms Law firms today leverage a number of different technologies to manage their cases and their practice. From billing and accounting software, to case management software: there are a number of legal technology staples that are in most law firms’ technology toolboxes. One particular tool, however, might be the most […]

Email Management for Law Firms

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Law firms manage many types of documents: Contracts, complaints, motions, orders and more. Many law firms implement sophisticated legal document management software to keep everything organized and searchable. And don’t forget to add email to that list, which makes email management for law firms an important task, and makes an Email […]

Achieving Inbox Zero for Attorneys

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Inbox zero: Ending your workday with an empty email inbox. And–meaningfully empty: the kind of empty that means you’ve responded to everything that you need to respond to or have a plan or schedule in place for everything that you haven’t. It’s not just a dream: It’s an imperative to keep […]