Managing Document Deadlines

Deadlines. A staple of running a law firm and managing client cases. You probably have client deadlines, filling deadlines, research deadlines–and more. So how to manage everything and make sure nothing slips through the cracks? In this post we’ll explore: How to stay on top of your legal document deadlines. How Not to Manage Document […]

5 Reasons Every Lawyer Needs OneNote

Today, there are many different kinds of technology tools to make a lawyer’s life easier. Smart phones and tablets, Legal Practice Management software, Document Management software… all useful solutions that help law firms practice better. With that in mind, we take a look at another tool. One product that should be a staple within every […]

Paperless Law Firm Software

Apps and Tools You’ll need to Implement a Paperless Law Firm So you’ve decided to ditch the boxes and drawers of hard-copy documents and implement a paperless law firm. (Or at least: you’re seriously thinking about it.) Hats off! Just like any job: you’ll need the right tools. In previous articles we’ve talked about the […]

7 Steps to a Paperless Law Firm

Is your law firm’s new year’s resolution to go paperless? (Or to achieve a mostly paperless law firm?) You’re not alone. And if it was also last year’s new year’s resolution: Don’t worry: in this post we’ll explore the best practices when implementing a paperless law firm. First: Why to Have a Paperless Law Firm […]

Uptime Releases LegalWorks 2.2

Document deadlines, improved Microsoft Office integration, performance and more added to the leading Document Management software for Law Firms. We’re excited to announce our version 2.2 release for Uptime LegalWorks. LegalWorks 2.2 includes a number of functionality and performance improvements, all of which aimed at helping your law firm Practice Better. Improvements include: Document Deadlines. […]

Paperless Law Office: Implementing OCR

How to Achieve a Paperless Law Office – Part 2: Implementing OCR Recently we discussed How to Achieve a Paperless Law Office. We explored the process necessary to achieve paperless bliss, and the tools necessary to support that process. In this supplement we’ll cover a critical component to achieving a paperless law office: OCR. What […]

NetDocuments Review

NetDocuments Review | A Brief Review for Law Firms A Guest Blog by Jeanine Rhode of Software Analysis Corporation What is NetDocuments, and Why Do I Need it? NetDocuments is a cloud-based document and email management service. Its popularity among law firms prompted us to write this NetDocuments Review, and share our insights working with […]

Email Management for Law Firms

Law firms manage many types of documents: Contracts, complaints, motions, orders and more. Many law firms implement sophisticated legal document management software to keep everything organized and searchable. And don’t forget to add email to that list, which makes email management for law firms an important task, and makes an Email Management System just as […]