Dropbox for Lawyers

Dropbox for Lawyers: Considering Dropbox for Your Law Firm? Read This First When you’re running your own law firm, you get a full understanding of just how important it is to consider cost-effective solutions. Most people rely on cloud-based storage of some kind for the personal and business needs. Lawyers are no exception. One of […]

Google Drive for Lawyers

Google Drive for Lawyers – What You Need to Know. Considering Google Drive to Save Money for Your Law Firm? Not So Fast Google Drive is a cloud based document and file storage system provided by Google. As the undisputed leader of the Internet, it’s easy to see why a law firm would consider using […]

iManage Review – an Uptime Review for Law Firms

At Uptime Legal Systems we help hundreds of law firms evaluate, select and implement software to help their practice run more efficiently. Many law firms recognize the importance of a good Document Management System (DMS) to keep their staff, their documents and their firm organized. Over the years many law firms have selected iManage to be their document management system. We’ve worked with many firms that use iManage, have used it and host it in our Private Cloud. This has given us an inside look at iManage, both from an under-the-hood perspective and from the perspective of our law firm clients. So: in this post we review iManage for law firms.

Enhancements to Uptime LegalWorks – v2.3

Document Tagging, New and Improved Help Files, Enhancements to Document Check-Out, Performance Improvements and More Added to the Leading Document Management Software for Law Firms. We’re excited to announce our version 2.3 release for Uptime LegalWorks. The v2.3 update to LegalWorks includes a number of functionality and performance enhancements, all of which will help your […]

LegalWorks Review Published by CosmoLex

CosmoLex, a leading provider of legal practice management and accounting software, recently reviewed LegalWorks on their blog. If you have been wondering what LegalWorks can do to help your law firm manage its documents, there’s a new review of LegalWorks online to give you a breakdown. CosmoLex, makers of the popular cloud-based practice management and […]

Paperless Law Firm in the Cloud

Why your firm should aspire to have a Paperless Law firm, why you need document management and why your firm should leverage the cloud. In previous posts we’ve assured you that taking your law firm paperless is possible. In working with hundreds of law firms we’ve definitely seen that there’s a right way and a […]